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Thermal Imaging applications in Automation Industry: Kasstech X Teledyne FLIR

FLIR Systems is the world leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of thermal imaging systems for a wide variety of commercial and government applications. Kasstech Aerospace Pvt LTD is the product distributor for the thermal imaging OEM cores components from Teledyne FLIR. The FLIR thermal imaging cameras are the most effective tool available for infrared machine vision, closed loop process control and quality assurance imaging, helping you to validate and increase product quality throughout and thereby give your provides a competitive edge and increased profitability in respective applications.

FLIR thermal imaging cameras:

• See the heat produced

• Can trigger alarms

• Are non-contact, quick and easy to use

• Perform inspections when systems are in production

• Identify and locate the problem

• Measure the temperature

• Store the information

• Save your valuable time and money The Teledyne FLIR OEM cores form the heart of various thermal imaging instruments and equipment and act as “Intel CPU” inside the desktop made in India. These cores can be integrated into cameras or drones (UAVs) etc for the final thermal imaging output and can be used for various industrial applications and projects. Thermal Imaging has various application in automation industry. Soon we will be displaying our services and a few samples of Teledyne FLIR OEM cores in the Automation Expo 2022 being organized in Mumbai on 16th and 17th of August. (For more information visit our updates page). There is a wide range of automation and industrial safety applications for FLIR high- performance thermal imaging solutions. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Flare Stacks: Flare stacks are used in many industries to burn off unwanted waste gas by-products, or flammable gases released by pressure relief valves during unplanned over-pressuring of plant equipment. Thermal imaging cameras are ideal monitoring tools because they allow full-time automated remote monitoring in virtually any weather and hence prevents issues such as UV flame detectors, flame ionization spectrometers, thermocouples etc.

2. Electric Substations: Electric power utilities are facing with an aging infrastructure, increasing risk of blackouts and brownouts as well as security threats in today’s era. Unplanned maintenance can be expensive in the best-case scenarios and catastrophic in the worst. With FLIR thermal imaging cores and cameras impending equipment failures and security breaches can be detected anytime in the day and can be monitored from any remote location.

3. Electrical and Mechanical installations: Some critical electrical and mechanical installations in manufacturing companies and utilities are monitored 24/7 with a thermal imaging camera. Heat build-up indicates poor equipment health and possible impending failure.

But having FLIR OEM Core solutions which are integrated into cameras for heat recognition elements can lead to simultaneous monitoring and can activate alert alarms in case of emergency.

4. IIOT Integration: Industrial thermal automation sensors provide multi-zone, wide-area, non-contact, continuous temperature monitoring of assets. This temperature data can be

combined with vibration, current, dissolved gas, and many other types of sensor data so that companies can gain deep insight into their asset health. Electric utilities that are successful doing this can improve the reliability of their grid, lower operational and capital costs while extending asset life.

Many such other applications where Teledyne FLIR OEM Cores can be used as problem solvers are: Fuel storage, warehouses, remote firefighting, waste burner, metal manufacturing, automotive manufacturing etc. Kasstech aerospace is the authorized thermal imaging OEM Cores distributor for Teledyne FLIR and believes to serve the best possible and customized solutions for all its customers.

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