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Thermal Imaging – A technology driving the innovations in areas like defence, security and industry. Teledyne FLIR- The name driving this technological innovation by introducing world- class sensor payloads for Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Teledyne FLIR provides solution for every mission profile differing from search and rescue missions, firefighting response support, industrial inspection to roof top surveillance in a cost efficient budget. Kasstech Aerospace Pvt LTD is Teledyne FLIR thermal cores distributor in India. We provide the best possible customized solutions in thermal imaging industry as per the requirement of our customers in India. FLIR HADRON 640R

Teledyne FLIR has recently launched the dual payload sensor for integration into drones, ground vehicles, and robotic platforms. The Hadron 640R is a major upgrade from the original Hadron, still an major innovation for the industry.

“The original Hadron had a 320 x 240 pixel non-radiometric thermal camera paired with a 12MP visible camera, and was designed to pair with the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Microprocessor” The new Hadron 640 R is a high performance, dual thermal and visible OEM camera module. It comprises of: 1) 640 X 512 resolution radiometric Boson thermal camera ( the BOSON LWIR thermal camera provides the ability to see through total darkness smoke, fog and glare as well as take the temperature of every pixel in the scene).


2) a 64 MP visible camera in a single easy to integrate module ( this imagery system enables AI and machine learning for intelligence sensing applications).

The OEM module comprises of size (small and compact), weight (5.6g) and power (low steady- 1.8 W) optimized design and is ideal dual sensor payload for Unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles and robotic platforms as it enables longer flight time and extends battery life. Hadron 640 R is most useful in AI based applications where battery life and run are mission critical. Hadron 640 R reduces development cost and time to market with a solution from a single, reliable supplier. Teledyne FLIR has developed the Hadron 640R for new processors powerful enough to handle the data: NVIDIA Jetson Nano, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, and, in process, the Qualcomm Snapdragon RB5. The Hadron 640R features radiometry which is critical for many industrial applications. The radiometric feature gives so much information in thermal imaging side especially during inspection.

For e.g., while flying over solar farms, there might be a lot of glowing cells – but in case of more information required to see if there is a problem, the isotherm features allows to pick out the problematic cells to create a work order.

The better and more powerful camera in Hadron 640 R gives better and more powerful data. The more the resolution the more pixels on target while zooming in.

For many applications, that high resolution is a game changer for e.g. in public safety. More resolution simply means better decisions, better situational awareness. The consequences of getting it wrong are high – more resolution helps you get it right.” The newly launched Teledyne FLIR Hadron 640 R is definitely a revolutionary innovation in radiometric thermal imaging industry.


Imaging& Optical

Thermal Imaging Detector

Boson 640x512 pixels, 12 µm pitch, USB3.0, 2-lane MIPI

EO Camera Optics

​EFL 4.8mm, 67° HFOV, F/# 1/2.3

EO Camera Sensor

​9248x6944 pixels (64.2MP), 0.7 µm pitch, 4-lane MIPI

EO Camera Video

Full resolution @ 60Hz

​Aspect Ratio, Visible

4 to 3


ICM20602, I2C or SPI (selectable)

IR Camera Optics

EFL 13.6mm, 32° HFOV, F/#1.0

IR Camera Video

Full resolution @ 60Hz

Aspect Ratio,Thermal

5 to 4


Temperature Accuracy

​±5°C or less, over 0⁰C to 100⁰C range.


Electrical Interface

Hirose DF40C-50DP-0.4V(51)

Example of mating connector: DF40HC (2.5) -50DS -0.4V(51)


5V supply voltage. Typical power dissipation <1800mW ,Max <2900mW


Mechanical Interface

Screw mount to back plate


35 x 49 x 45mm (1.38”x1.93”x1.77“)



Environment & Approvals

Environmental Sealing

IP54 (with the rear interfaces sealed)

Operational & StorageTemperature

-20°C to +60°C

Tested EMI Performance

FCC part 15 Class B


Software Drivers*

​NVIDIA Jetson Nano Qualcomm Snapdragon rb5 Qualcomm Snapdragon 865

Kasstech Aerospace helps to provide the right solution for the right application.

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