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How does PSA Mobile Oxygen Filling Station meet today’s demand?

Every industry wants a ready supply of oxygen to keep its processes smooth and operational. The continuous supply of oxygen in the right process and at the right time is of utmost importance as its non-availability can create problems, leading to negative results. Kasstech Aerospace provides mobile oxygen filling station from Oxywise S.r.o to meet the emerging demands of pure oxygen supply in numerous industries.

What keeps the consumers to stay loyal to any product or service? The top-notch features and the ability to satisfy their requirements/solve their problems. We offer the solution by supplying these mobile stations to our customers who are operating in different backgrounds and dealing with diverse processes. There is no need to rely on outdated mechanisms when you have the best PSA technology available with you. These stations are applicable for many purposes. Some examples are provided below:

Constant and Immediate Supply of Oxygen

The highly advanced technology allows users to generate their oxygen for their medical-grade requirements like Emergency Medical Services, On-site production of oxygen for cylinder filling. The Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology produces oxygen from the atmosphere that can be easily used for these mentioned purposes. Users don’t have to rely on anybody for getting quality oxygen and can have an independent on site supply of oxygen on demand.

Disaster Management

Disasters don’t look for a specific time to happen. It can happen anytime, anywhere, and anyplace. One needs to be fully equipped with the best resources to handle the situations. By supplying these mobile oxygen filling stations (MOFS), Kasstech Aerospace makes sure that oxygen is available to people all the time in case of uncertainties. The easy access to pure medical-grade oxygen combats the disasters that can negatively impact people. It can even fill oxygen cylinders in high numbers making it available to the patients in the hospitals and solving immediate oxygen needs.

Easily Transportable

There is no complicated procedure needed to store and maintain these stations. Users can easily transport these systems and make them it available to generate pure oxygen. With easy-to-follow manuals and videos, everyone can properly operate and maintain the whole station. Once you get adapted to it, transportation and operation is quite easy and intuitive.

These MOFS can also be provided in self-contained/containerized forms. Thus rendering them easy to transport. These 20 ft containers can be mounted on trucks and easily transported to COVID struck areas/disaster sites or even flown by air to required locations.

Easy to Carry

Kasstech Aerospace has always emphasized offering adaptable technology to solve real world problems effectively. The same purpose is also met in these filling stations. You can easily operate them without extensive technical knowledge or training.

These units are “plug + play’. Simply providing power supply is all that is needed to start the oxygen generating process.

Kasstech Aerospace is driven by providing the best technologies available to our customers. It is important to understand how these mobile oxygen filling stations(MOFS) can be used in different medical conditions and in case of crisis. Contact us to know more details.

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