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Mobile oxygen filling station

Kasstech Aerospace Pvt LTD is the authorized distributor for Oxywise mobile oxygen filling stations and PSA oxygen or nitrogen generators/plants. MOFS is oxygen generating system with filling ramp built into a transportable container with the oxygen outlet pressure of 150 bar to 200 bar. Custom-designed oxygen stations can also be manufactured as per the technical requirements.

Key Benefits:

1. Easily transportable with a pass for forklift and bolt-on ISO corners.

2. Provides solutions on a Turnkey basis with plug and play feature.

3. The PSA plant is a 1 unit solution which can be transported by land/air/sea at any place where there is vital need of oxygen supply.

The MOFS unit is oxygen filling system built-in ISO container that produces oxygen from compressed air by utilizing Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology. There are two systems integrated in the container which are Compressed air system and Separation system.

The high-pressure ramp for cylinder filling is placed at the backside of the station. It ensures emergency oxygen is available for any unexpected increase in demand. The oxygen cylinders can be ideally used for health care services like Emergency Medical Services, ambulances, nursing homes, small hospitals, clinics, dental practices, veterinary and animal hospitals, fire departments, and SCUBA applications etc.

Mobile oxygen filling station provides the compact solution design for outdoors ready-to-fill bottles with oxygen irrespective of the place requirement. The station is designed for high ambient temperatures that are furnished with container insulation and air conditioning facilities. Its surface is treated with a special coating that provides the ultimate protection.

The working process of mobile oxygen filling station that Kasstech Aerospace offers:

Pre-treated compressed air enters the active column of the oxygen generator and follows up through the Zeolite (molecular sieve). Nitrogen and other gases are being adsorbed while the oxygen passes through. When the pressure is released the Zeolite completely regenerates. Oxygen is boosted to high pressure with oil-free compressor and cylinders are filled on the filling ramp.

Features of Mobile Oxygen Filling Station that Kasstech aerospace provides

The motive behind coming up with this robust technology is to serve the health care professionals in the best possible way. The anywhere/on-time delivery of medical-grade oxygen to the hospitals. To fulfill the vision, the oxygen filling station is qualified with the following features:

● Designed to run automatically and requires little or no maintenance hence provides good efficiency.

● The digital color touch screen display shows the necessary information required.

● Runs a continuous series of self-diagnostic tests.

● Automatic start and stop operation.

● Displays a visual alarm if any problem occurs

● Easily transportable with a pass for forklift and bolt-on ISO corners.

● Provides solutions on a Turnkey basis with plug and play feature

● Suitable for outdoors as the container provides excellent protection against rain and sun.

● Quick deployments of oxygen production in the cylinders

● Advanced oxygen generator and better adsorbent properties

● Up-to-date ventilation and heating system that ensures the convenience of station operation in various climatic zones

● Low operating costs making it easily accessible for every medical service.

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