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Fulfil your flying dreams with the “Dream Machine – DA 42”.

The diamond aircraft industry is known for its Performance. Efficiency and Safety, with its complete range of certified piston aircraft models from 2 seats single engine DA 20 to 7 seat DA 62 ( the SUV of the sky). The piston aircraft also include a flight training concept with single-piston engine DA40 and multi piston engine DA 42 VI trainers. The fuel used is lead free jet fuel made by Austro engines for DA40, DA42 and DA 62. More than 50 diamond aircrafts are flying in the Indian sky today. Kasstech Aerospace Pvt LTD is the sales representative of Diamond aircraft in India.

The DA 42 Series 4 Seater multi engine aircraft - the definition of perfection. The DA 42 version is very convenient to fly and burns fuel like a single piston but at the same time has safety of a second engine. The DA 42 is designed to give luxurious experience to the pilot with climate controlled seats and lordosis support. The exterior design can also be customized as per customer’s requirements. The aircraft follows two major safety principles: 1. Active – refers to all the features and characteristics of an aircraft that help pilots to avoid accidents in the first place e.g. docile handling characteristics, continued controllability through a stall, positive stability, superior visibility, modern integrated glass cockpit etc.

2. Passive – minimize the probability and degree of injuries in case of unexpected. These elements include e.g structural integrity of the cabin under crash loads, effective occupant restraint, impact energy absorption. The airframe is made up of sleek all carbon composites which is durable and helps in incorporating advance aerodynamics and, therefore provides high performance, great efficiency and superior occupant protection. The aircraft has fully integrated Garmin G1000 Nxi complimented with many good avionics options like weather radar or synthetic vision etc., Because of its fuel consumption equal to a single piston aircraft, this is the most preferred aircraft for FTOs ( Flying Training Organizations) or even used for long flying hours.

Dimensions of DA 42

For more information on luxurious DA 42 series 4 seater multi engine aircraft please download the brochure from the link below:

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