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Austro Engine GmbH is an international, worldwide operating producer of state-of-the-art rotary and piston aircraft engines, located in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, where innovative solutions for engines at the highest levels and best quality are produced. Austro Engine is the Sister Company of Diamond Aircraft Industries and hence offers E4 Series -AE300/AE330 (E4 Series) for Diamond Aircraft‘s DA62, DA42-VI, and DA40 NG models as well as a proven line of rotary engines, AE50R and AE110R (R Series), for various UAV applications. Kasstech Aerospace Pvt LTD is the authorized product distributor of Austro Engines and Sales Representative of Diamond Aircraft in India. With the E4-Series of heavy fuel piston engines, Austro Engine is one of the leading jet fuel piston engine producer in General Aviation. Austro Engine has set new standards in engine RELIABILITY, QUALITY, AND OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY RELIABILITY Austro‘s engines burn much less fuel, have extended maintenance intervals, use widely available jet fuel, and run smoother and quieter The AE300 is a four-cylinder two-liter piston engine, burning jet fuel, and is controlled by an active electronic system with an integrated single-power lever design. The AE330 is the most powerful heavy-fuel engine in its class, based on the successful and reliable AE300. It provides more power than the AE300 at the same weight. AE330 is reliable and very easy to operate and hence the best aviation engine of today.

QUALITY PISTON ENGINE: With a redundant Electronic Engine Control Unit (EECU) system the engine is a failsafe. The AE300 produces 168 HP / 123.5 kW and the AE330 180 HP / 132 kW for take-off and maximum cruise power. The low vibration level and the single power lever design improve the engine operation comfort and take a lot of workload from the pilot. This makes the engine the ideal powerplant for flight schools, private pilots, and even special mission aircraft. ROTARY ENGINE: The AE50R is a 294 cm³ single stage rotary engine with liquid cooling plus forced air cooling for the rotor core, lubrication via metered oil pump directly to the main bearing and rotor tips with partial oil recovery system, twin spark plugs, electric starter, 14 Volt/18 Amp alternator, electronic fuel injection, and electronic control system. The AE50R is a single-stage rotary engine that generates 41 kW. The remarkable power-weight ratio (2 hp : 1 kg) makes it the ideal engine for unmanned vehicles. BETTER EFFICIENCY With Diamond’s proprietary Austro Engine jet fuel piston engines, that means no manual mixture control, no magneto ignition, no manual priming, no prop control lever, no hard starting – hot or cold, no manual runup tests, no shock cooling, no cowl flaps, no power calculations based on rpm and manifold pressure, in short, less work and zero guesswork – more efficiency in every regard. Kasstech Aerospace has a CAR-145 certified hanger and also provides maintenance activities for Austro engines and Diamond aircraft. Our company has already been working with many esteemed customers on various projects. Our Team at Kasstech Aerospace has been providing the best services to the customers and envisions the better in future. FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE CONTACT AT: 8700376053


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