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The new evolving radiometric thermal technology bringing advanced solution in industrial application

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

The aviation sector is vastly expanding worldwide, the activities of the industry include designing, repairing, flying various aircraft or aircraft operations, UAV/drone operations, etc.

The most important area of this industry is R&D which tends to make the flight smoother, faster, and more efficient. One such area of development is payload attachments that provide significant improvement in accuracy, productivity, speed for various industrial applications.

Such advancements include the utility of infrared thermal imaging.

Thermal imaging solution provides the ability to detect and measure temp radiation or energy that is emitted and reflected by everything around us.

Kasstech Aerospace Pvt LTD is the OEM Cores distributor for Teledyne FLIR – the global leader in thermal imaging cores. FLIR has numerous products spanning the whole range of thermal imaging products thus holding its stated vision “infrared everywhere”.

Considering the aviation requirements of Infrared thermal imaging solutions, FLIR has products specially designed for UAVs and other airborne applications. One such newly launched product is– High-resolution Radiometric Gimbaled Thermal Zoom Drone Payload Vue TZ20 R.

The thermal zoom payload which is 640g in weight gets easily connected to SUAS airframes and measure the thermal details very precisely.

The TZ20 R has two FLIR Boson cameras therefore, provides 5 times the optical zoom and 20 times the digital zoom and helps to cover a major area with great accuracy and in very less time. The device is affordable, reliable, and easy to install. It is vastly superior to other contemporary products.

Multi-colored palette is available on TZ20 R, users can save the pictures/movs in the desired color. The newly launched OEM core provides effective, faster, safer, and silent results with its wide-angle situational awareness and larger concentration of pixels through a narrow FOV camera.

The dual thermal camera payloads is the pilot’s new best friend as it has overcome the issues like the fuzzy picture, wastage of battery, and more flight hours.”


1. Unmatched thermal zoom performance and clarity at 5x,10x, and 20x.

2. Scan and survey large areas with 95˚ field of view and features fixed narrow18 ˚ FOV.

3. Efficient battery power usage.

4. Dual boson provides 4x more radiometric pixels on target at every zoom level versus all competitors.

5.640 x 512 thermal resolution.

6. Media Output can be connected to a USB C port.

7. Analyse thermal data in FLIR Thermal Studio and third-party applications.

8. Comes with the isotherm feature i.e it enables colorization of regions within the image that are above or below temp thresholds.


1. Search and inspect more areas in less time.

2. Safely and accurately measure temp from farther away.

3. Utility roofing, solar farm inspections, etc.

The new Vue TZ20 R thermal imaging camera is the best and affordable solution to infrared thermal imaging applications such as:

Cell tower elevation monitoring

Electrical substation monitoring

Powerline inspection

Public safety

Rooftop inspection

Solar inspection


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