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The DA62 Multi Purpose Platform Aircraft for Geo Surveys

The DA62 MPP (Multi-Purpose Platform) is a new special mission aircraft i.e highly innovative and efficient twin-engine plane, configures for law enforcement, search-and-rescue (SAR), land (Geo Survey Mapping) and coastal surveillance, disaster management, infrastructure , environmental monitoring missions. The DA62MPP is also offered with special turnkey solutions. It collects laser-scanning and photo-grammetry data during one single flight. The aircraft can be configured to carry various Riegl LIDAR sensors as well as Medium Format Camera payloads, all mounted in the dedicated Nose Pod using the German IGI Flight Management System. Some of the application area of the Geo Survey Configured DA 62 MPP are mentioned below.

City Surveys and 3D city model

· The diamond multipurpose aircraft can perform the survey of entire city in efficient cost. The detailed visualizations allow urban planners a more effective way to analyze proposed planning & developments.

· 3D City Model navigates and delivers representation of terrain surfaces, sites, buildings, vegetation, infrastructure and landscape elements in three-dimensional scale belonging to urban areas which helps in visually integrating heterogeneous geoinformation within a single framework and, therefore, create and manage complex urban information spaces.

Land areas mapping

· The DA62 MPP performs the topographic survey of the land. A Topographical Survey can help users visualise the land that they intend to develop. Contours, spot levels and feature lines accurately define the ground and boundaries which helps in ensuring durable construction and efficient modification.

· The DEM point is a derivative of LIDAR (Light detection and ranging) technique, which can be captured by the aircraft sensors and helps to generate the accurate contour line, calculations, manipulations and further elevation based analysis of the terrain.

Critical Infrastructure survey

· Critical infrastructure survey includes the vast network of highways, connecting bridges and tunnels, railways, utilities and buildings etc. The assessments examine infrastructure vulnerabilities, interdependencies, capability gaps, and the consequences of their disruption.

· The sensors in DA62 MPP helps the users to map all critical infrastructure with high accuracy. The survey data used by government to protect this essential critical infrastructure against natural disaster, terrorist activities and cyber threats.

Powerline mapping

· The Multipurpose Platform delivers high resolution images, orthophotos, point cloud and digital elevation model which facilitate the planning of new power line.

· Existing network of powerline with all intersection and element in corridor can be documented and mapped using the sensors in DA62 MPP.

Mapping of damages caused by natural disasters

· Crisis mapping (also known as disaster mapping) is the real-time gathering, display and analysis of data during a crisis, usually a natural disaster. Sensors used in DA62 MPP produces the high resolution orthophoto which enable to analyse the damages caused by any natural calamity like earthquake, flood, tsunami etc.

Environmental applications

· LiDAR technology paired with Hyperspectral Imaging in the aircraft sensors are used to produce a 3D model which highlights the spectral properties of the subject area. Hyperspectral imaging can highlight features that are both visible and invisible to the human eye by gathering information from across the electromagnetic spectrum. An example of this would be the detection of diseases and water stress of each individual tree that makes up a forest, Poor vegetation etc.

A photogrammetric camera installed in a special pod on the aircraft’s nose, delivers accurate representation of the Earth’s surface (Orthophoto). A lesser scanner captures the terrain topography by firing a laser and measuring the time it takes for the laser to be reflected back from a point. The result of the collected measurement is a digital terrain model (DEM) in the form of a point cloud. The scanner is mounted on the belly of the aircraft in a specifically designed pod. To obtain the realistic and precise 3D model of the object, need to merge the ortho-photo with the point cloud data. The DA62 MPP solution provides the most cost efficient solution for aerial Geo-survey applications

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Ajeet  Singh
Ajeet Singh
Aug 06, 2021


Ajeet  Singh
Ajeet Singh
Aug 06, 2021
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