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The solution to challenges in the power industry: Substation Monitoring System

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

The power industry is currently facing the challenges of safely running equipment coming to the end of its operational lifespan, the impact of overload situations, increasing the risks of costly and potentially devastating brownouts and blackouts. At this difficult time, companies need a solid solution to help increase capabilities, maintain reliability, and keep costs under control.

Kasstech Aerospace Pvt. LTD. is also a substation monitoring solution provider to meet these industry challenges, We have developed an integrated electrical substation Monitoring solution via thermal Imaging Technology (cores) for e.g Teledyne Flir BOSON R and Flir Tau 2R. Thermal Imaging technology helps assess the condition of substation equipment 24/7 hours by detecting the prolonged hot spots due to an increase in temperature at joints, leading to critical substation failures before they turn into expensive and therefore lose productivity. We are therefore able to follow a need-based maintenance schedule instead of a fixed shutdown schedule. This leads to tremendous cost savings over the lifetime of the substation installations. A critical substation failure may cascade into a series of failures. Our system is a thermal plus visual camera-based thermal hotspot detection and monitoring system. It is a 24/7 surveillance capable system that can be installed in critical areas like substations, coal yards, and larger server rooms. By monitoring HV equipment continuously with thermal Imaging cameras such expensive breakdowns can be prevented.

Power substation

It is an automated and self-monitoring system that results in a continuous thermal and visual live image of hotspots in a critical substation. In case of occurrence of any mishappening, the concerned person gets an alarm or image of temperature affecting the joints of equipment over email or SMS. Detection of hotspots and displaying of temperature values result in fault detection, alarm generation, an automatic regular report can be further stored for analysis and Quality control. The system consist of both thermal cores and a visual camera mounted on pant tilt mounting. It also consists of a power junction box that contains hardware like power supply cable, ethernet cable, fiber optic cable, etc. for power and data transfer. It will give real-time hotspot detection.

Hot Spot detection in particular Joint

Benefits of the Substation Monitoring system

  1. Instant notification alarm for temperature beyond pre-set parameters.

  2. Early and remote fault detection.

  3. Reduced maintenance costs and enhanced productivity.

  4. Self-monitoring system

  5. Warning and alarm in real-time.

  6. Real-time reporting information

  7. Helps to improve the power system of the substations.

  8. Personalized alert over fault

  9. Auto tracking of hot spots and showing the temperature values.

  10. Continuous monitoring without personnel assistance.

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