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Kasstech Aerospace Pvt Limited| Medical Oxygen Generators

Kasstech Aerospace is the authorized distributor of OXYWISE PSA based oxygen generators in India.

The need for Medical oxygen is recently felt in India.

The Kasstech Advantage

· The solutions range from stand-alone units to skid mounts to containerized units with built in air-conditioning, all of which can include our innovative SEP series generators - essentially whatever your requirements are it will be fulfilled.

· We are proud to present an industry first in our Generator Adsorption Anti-crush Design and monitoring solution, to list alongside some of our other key benefits including;

1. No channelling effects

2. Designed for dynamic pressure loading

3. Siemens based control system

4. Stainless steel piping

5. Molecular sieve protection

6. Minimized footprint

·Oxywise is ISO, EU, CE, EAC and Pre-Safe certified.

Oxygen Generator Plants | Kasstech Aerospace

Oxygen generators produce high quality oxygen from compressed air by Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) method. Our generators represent reliable and cost effective alternative.

Standard Features are as following:

· Colored touch screen control

· Built in purity analyzer for constant monitoring

· Data-logging via USB interface

· Modbus TCP, Ethernet connection

· Remote start/stop relay

· Stainless steel piping

· Designed for dynamic pressure loading

Optional add-ons Flow control valve:

· flow & purity adjustment

· Energy saving valve – reduces compressed air usage during turn down

· Purity control – off spec purge

· Sequential start/stop – one button operation

· SMS alarm

· Remote monitoring

Audio-visual alarm and other

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