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Kasstech Aerospace| Authorized Austro engine Distributor in India

Innovation and industry leadership means to do things in a different way than to how it was done earlier.

Here is how we describe Austro Engine Jet Fuel Piston:

1.No manual mixture control.

2.No magneto ignition

3.No manual priming

4.No prop control lever hard starting- hot or cold manual runup tests

7.No shock cooling

8.No cowl flaps

9.No power calculations based on RPM and manifold pressure

In conclusion due to the above factors we have to do less work and zero guesswork on the engines which results in more efficiency.

Further, Austro engines burn much less fuel and have extended maintenance intervals. They use unleaded as well as economical and globally available jet Fuel that helps the engine run smoother and quieter.

Kasstech Aerospace Pvt LTD is the sole and authorized distributor of Austro engines in India.

Various models of Austro Engines and their key benefits are listed below:

· AE300 The AE300 is a four cylinder two liter piston engine, burning various kinds of Jet Fuel and developing 123.5kW. The engine is controlled by an active electronic system with integrated single power lever design.

· AE330

The next generation has evolved, it provides more power (132kW) than the AE300 at the same weight with great fuel efficiency, reliability and easy operation

Makes this engine the best engine for today and the future.

· AE50R

The AE50R is a single stage rotary engine developing 41KW. The remarkable power -weight ratio ( 2hp:1 kg) makes it the ideal engine for unmanned vehicles. The AE50R has proven its reliability in both manned and unmanned applications.

These Austro engines are Reliable as the technology ensures highest level of safety and minimal fuel costs. With a surplus EECU system the engine is failsafe.

Highlight: AE300 is a multi-fuel certified.

The propulsion system sourced from the Austro Engines of Austria with its high time between overhauls and low fuel consumption has improved system efficiency with lowest operation cost.

Kasstech Aerospace believes in offering a full range of solutions to the aviation and defense sector with its India specifics and global tie-ups.

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