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Introducing Thermal Imaging Solutions by FLIR : The world’s Sixth Sense

We have mentioned in our previous blogs that FLIR stands for “ Forward looking Infrared” which also means providing vision to the thermal imaging technology through its infrared cores and components. FLIR systems is the most known name in the field of Thermal Imaging Sensors.

Kasstech Aerospace Pvt LTD is representative of FLIR Thermal cores in India.

Thermal Imaging Solutions : How it works ?

There are different rays in a an electromagnetic spectrum like X rays, UV rays, Infrared rays and visible light etc. All these rays have unique wavelength as can be seen in the picture below:

Wavelength of visible light is less than the Infrared therefore can reach human eyes and do not require any sensors for detection, on the other hand, the infrared rays wavelength is too long to be seen by human eye and hence require thermal sensors help to see the image of the scene or object by conversion of heat / thermal energy emitted from the object or the scene into an electronic signal, which finally generates a picture or photo.

The output from the thermal sensor can be a colorful or black and white representation of the scene.

The infrared range is further divided as below:

1. LWIR : Long wavelength infrared and defined range from 8.0um to 14.0um. The sensors detect the thermal radiated image of different scenes or objects considering the difference in their temperature.

Applications : Military uses such as detection and recognition of missiles etc., night vision.

FLIR Cores under the LWIR category are: Boson, Tau-2, Tau-2+, FLIR ADK, Pathfinder- II and Hadron etc.

2. MWIR: stands for Middle wavelength Infrared, range from 3.0um to 5.0 um.

MWIR cameras are used in the cases where details are more imp than knowing the radiated temp.

Applications: Gas leakage, Lab research, airport perimeter security etc.

FLIR Cores under the MWIR category are: Neutrino Swap Series, Neutrino IS series and Performance Series.

3. SWIR : Stands for Short wavelength infrared and ranges from 0.9um to 1.7um.

These sensors are used to capture exact details even in the smoggy or cloudy weather. These are the only sensors that can transfix through the clouds to give a clear image of the scene.

Applications: Solar Cell, food production, portable imaging Inspection etc.

FLIR Core under the MWIR category is: Tau SWIR

Kasstech Aerospace being the FLIR Thermal Core distributor provides the best range of thermal core and components to provide solutions in the areas aerospace, surveillance, military and defense.

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