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Infrared Thermal Imaging solutions in Wind Turbine Application

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

FLIR Systems includes designing, developing, manufacturing, markets, and distributing technologies that enhance perception and awareness. The innovative solutions through the thermal imaging systems enhance public safety, well-being, increase energy efficiency, and lead to a healthy community. The thermal imaging solutions are used in various applications like situational awareness, security, airborne and ground-based surveillance monitoring, navigation, R&D, etc. One such application is the wind turbine application.

Wind turbines play crucial roles in generating power for various domestic and commercial purposes in different sectors. The devices operate well in entirely open spaces meaning that they experience all weather elements. The turbines run continuously as long as there is sufficient wind to the turbines to turn the blades.

The issue developed in wind turbines is that blades or other components can develop cracks or other forms of abnormalities in long run. To prevent this scenario, it is essential to inspect the blade using thermal Imaging solutions since the device is always in motion. This helps in avoiding extensive damage to the turbine and lower repair costs.

Factory testing, drones, and ground cops are some of the methods previously used to inspect the device fault. The problem with these inspection methods is that they only focus on the exterior surface of the blade. However, problems that develop into big problems are often deeper inside the blade. The infrared thermal Imaging solutions work effectively on wind turbines to identify any anomalies on the blade. It also provides real data analytics that helps improve the level of accuracy when inspecting the blades of the turbine.

Thermal Imaging technology works from the base of the wind turbines. The thermal imaging system works correctly well while the blades of the wind turbines are still running. The camera captures the images of the blade while they are in motion.

Benefits of Infrared Thermal Imaging for Wind Turbine Application

Thermal Imaging System identifies various anomalies such as splits, defects due to lightning, damaged tips, and fiber. The camera can also pick bonding issues, missing adhesive joints, blade pitch errors, and many more.

It helps to identify the exact location of the problem. Accurate information about the source of the problem helps to prevent defective repairs. Therefore, Thermal Imaging technology helps to address the potential problem before they become serious issues, costly to repair, and complicated.

Thermal Technology is environment-friendly since it uses renewable energy. This type of technology is sustainable and therefore, does not cause any damage to the environment as no toxic substances are emitted. The technology is highly efficient and reliable.

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