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FLIR Boson Thermal Camera offers multiple benefits with its small and efficient design

FLIR technology is used for advanced image processing and several industry-standard communication interfaces. The cameras of Boson work the best with FLIR’s top-notch uncooled and thermal imaging technology. It provides options to the customers to purchase radiometric versions that capture the temperature data of every pixel with its small, lightweight, and low-power package design. The FLIR Boson Thermal Camera sets the standard for size, weight, power, and performance to bring multiple applications for the customers, especially in the military and defense sectors.

FLIR labeled its new mini-thermal camera core ‘Boson’ for a very particular reason. It originates from quantum mechanics and is a subatomic particle that gives mass to other particles. The latest Boson radiometric FLIR camera core comes in two versions, mainly 640 x 512 and 320 x 256 resolutions. They have got multiple lens configurations and efficiently capture temperature data for quantitative assessment.

Applications of FLIR Boson Thermal Camera

The FLIR BOSON Camera can be used for numerous applications like firefighting, surveillance, security, unmanned systems, industrial inspection, and fixed-asset monitoring. As its terminology indicates, FLIR’s new camera is small but gives rise to huge benefits to the systems and the industries it is applied to.

It is the tiniest highly performing uncooled thermal camera to ever arrive from FLIR. The size of the camera is compact and is equipped with the advanced FLIR’s XIR™ infrared video processing architecture, a leading industry system-on-a-chip design.

It is the first thermal camera core to include a multi-core vision processor unit for intelligent image processing and analytics. FLIR has taken this a step further by coming with numerous industry-standard communication interfaces. It allows designers and OEMs to access the internal processing power of Boson.

FLIR Boson Thermal Cameras are extremely lightweight, which starts at just 7.5 grams. Although the camera delivers imaging processing power with powerful designs and applications, it is implanted without substantial weight gain or additional power requirements.

With processing power embedded within the body of the camera, power consumption is maintained to a minimum, and there is no longer a necessity for exterior processors that further reduces weight, power, and size requirements. The Boson, the smartest thermal core with FLIR technology, is available with 15 lens options. Its embedded processing capabilities are suitable for more applications than any other thermal core in real time for maintaining good image quality. With numerous interfaces, Boson can be included in a variety of designs for applications, including military, automotive, security, firefighting, healthcare and a variety of drone based applications

Kasstech Aerospace offers the high-performing FLIR Boson Thermal Camera for its customers. We make every possible effort to deliver the best technology. With us, quality of service is guaranteed. Reach us to get more information.

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