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Diamond Aircraft- The Best Aircrafts for Aviation Training.

Diamond aircraft is among the leading aircraft manufacturer in General Aviation. With its line of piston aircraft, it also has a dedicated flight training concept with its single-engine piston (DA40 NG) and multi-piston engine (DA 42 VI) trainers along with type-specific flight training simulators and proprietary engines.

Diamond is the leading source provider in the fleet training market.

Diamond is considered to be the best aircraft manufacturer for aviation training because of its “Safety Concept”.

Safety is the most critical feature in the aviation training business.

Diamond has earned a safety record backed by real-world data. The primary goal for diamond is to build an aircraft that is pleasurable to fly but is safe and provides maximum protection in worse-case situations

To accomplish safety by design diamond aircraft follows two safety strategies Active and Passive safety.

Active Safety refers to all the features and characteristics of an aircraft that help pilots avoid an accident. These include:

· unparalleled visibility

· agile yet forgiving flight characteristics

· continued controllability through a stall

· positive stability

· superb runway and climb performance

· high crosswind capability

· system and structural redundancy

· comfortable pilot workload

· reliable power

· the latest in avionics technology (integrated glass cockpit and digital autopilot)

Beyond that, active safety includes the matching of an aircraft design to its intended mission and pilot capability. Diamond’s high-performance aircraft offer ice protection and twin-engine safety, yet are easy to fly with simple single lever power controls.

Passive Safety features are the second line of defence and help minimize the probability and degree of injuries.

Passive safety elements include:

· structural integrity of the cabin under crash loads

· effective occupant restraint

· impact energy absorption

· unobstructed head strike zones

· flammable fluid fire protection

Diamond Aircraft's Safety Cell

Diamond aircraft incorporates an integral cabin surrounding a composite “roll cage” structure, which is stiff and strong to provide survival space and protection in case of impact. A Diamond aircraft’s non-critical structure is allowed to fail to help absorb crash energy while the cabin structure is designed to resist crushing and penetration to afford maximum occupant protection.

Occupant protection

Diamond performs dynamic crash tests not only of seats, but of the entire fuselage cabin structure to test structure, seats, and restraints as one system. Details, such as breakaway glare shields, and maintaining distances between heads and rigid structures, further enhance survivability.

Flammable Fluid Fire Protection

Diamond takes special measures to minimize the probability of post-crash fires.

Fuel Lines

Typical in aviation are light, but fragile, rigid thin-walled aluminum fuel lines. While these tubes are used in many other aircraft, they, unfortunately, rupture easily in a crash when supporting structures are deformed. To help prevent this, Diamond uses only tough flexible stainless steel braided high-pressure fuel lines that move with the deforming structure and have vastly superior strength and rupture resistance. They weigh and cost significantly more, but they are critical - and therefore worth it - to prevent fuel leaks.

Industry-leading Safety Record

Diamond’s designs have achieved an impressive and consistent safety record over many years and millions of hours flown worldwide.

Diamond Aircrafts are exhilarating to fly, with responsive controls, comfortable cockpits and impeccable performance. With Safety, great handling qualities, stability, responsiveness, excellent runway and climb performance, they are fast, yet fuel efficient, quiet, smooth and forgiving. Diamond aircrafts are cost efficient and reliable and provides with a flying experience that one has never had before under low maintenance costs. All these features make Diamond aircraft the best aircraft for Aviation training. Kasstech Aerospace Pvt LTD is the sole sales representative of Diamond aircrafts in India, We help our customers buy the best aircraft as per their requirements. We have also served various flying schools in India with our services. More than 55 Diamond aircrafts are flying in the Indian sky today. For more details Please contact us at


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