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Conquer the skies with the luxurious DA50 Series in India

Diamond Aircraft has been at the forefront of providing and launching some of the most unique, versatile, and exclusive models when it comes to single-engine airplanes, and the luxurious DA50 series in India is one of the many to make its debut. The single-engine piston airplane DA50 has been termed as ‘luxury personified’, as it provides spacious interiors with unmatched fuel efficiency when it comes to single-engine airplanes. Moreover, the DA50 RG model of the luxurious DA50 Series in India recently received the commendable European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification for the exciting new model that also features an exclusive retractable gear. This serves as a major milestone in Diamond’s list of achievements in the aviation industry, as well as for the General Aviation community, and in turn, paving the way for initial EASA customer deliveries in 2021. Here are a few noteworthy features of the single-engine piston airplane DA50, that set it apart from its counterparts in unique and exciting ways:

  • Superior design

The luxurious DA50 Series in India features a sophisticated and superior design when it comes to a single-engine piston airplane, and has been designed with the intent to provide maximum comfort while also ensuring that it complements the skills and requirements of the pilots who fly this stunning airplane. The design features extra-large cabin spaces that can accommodate anywhere between five to seven passengers, with generous front seats and adjustable backrests. To ensure maximum comfort for the passengers, it also has an exceptional leg, head, and shoulder room, a 60/40 split-folding three-seat second-row bench, and provides easy and convenient access through its large gull-wing doors and cargo door. By offering maximum loading capacity and capability in the spacious rear of the cabin, passengers can make the most of the unique and functional design of the single-engine piston airplane DA50, which also offers aerodynamic efficiency during the acceleration stage.

The premium style interiors of the luxurious DA50 Series in India include LED interior lighting, and a series of optional features such as electronic air conditioning, oxygen system, a removable right-hand control stick, a built-in tablet mount, and a highly efficient TKS de-icing system. Hence, when you opt for the luxurious DA50 Series in India, you are sure to get efficiency with maximum comfort and sophisticated interiors with features that are designed and customized to facilitate a pleasant and seamless journey.

  • Impressive avionics

The luxurious DA50 Series in India has some of the most impressive avionics that single-engine airplanes in the markets are currently offering. These include the fully integrated Garmin G1000NXi flight deck, which comes with a standard 3-axis GFC700 Automated Flight Control System. It also features a yaw damper to ensure maximum electronic stability and protection, and an optional alphanumeric keypad to make the programming process for the pilots easier, faster, and much more accurate. The long list of impressive avionics for the single-engine piston airplane DA50 are designed while keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of the pilots for all kinds of missions: be it training, or leisure.

With features such as traffic alerts, synthetic vision, and much more, the luxurious DA50 Series in India has been equipped to deal with every circumstance and emergency to ensure the safety and security of its passengers. Moreover, for the ease of maintenance and troubleshooting, the Line Replaceable Units or the LRUs have been strategically located in a dedicated and externally accessible forward avionics bay. These exclusive features of the single-engine piston airplane DA50 by Diamond Aircraft are what sets them apart from the available counterparts in the market.

  • Top-notch airframe and propulsion

The luxurious DA50 Series in India has been strategically equipped and developed with some of the most effective features to guarantee and ensure the best flight performance and an unforgettable experience for both the pilot and the passengers. By incorporating advanced and futuristic composite technology in the airframe, the single-engine piston airplane DA50 boasts advanced aerodynamics and is made from carbon fiber to ensure smooth surfaces and a commendable ramp appeal. Some exclusive features include specifically designed hinged double-slotted flaps to ensure a high lift, and a series of drag reduction features along with superior slow speed behavior. It also features trailblazing brakes and wheels to ensure minimum landing distance without compromising on high performance. The hydraulic blades used in this sophisticated airplane feature advanced blade geometry with avant-garde aerodynamic foils, to ensure an efficient and smooth performance with minimum noise. These blades are also the built-in natural composite design which results in exceptional vibration damping behavior and overall reduced weight.

Perhaps one of the most compelling characteristics of the luxurious DA50 Series in India is the rugged airframes that come with an unlimited lifetime to ensure that clients get a high resale price even after extensive and long hours of flight. The durable and easy-to-maintain nature of the series also adds to the convenience of the pilots, and since it has a jet-fuel powered engine, the emissions are low, fuel consumption is minimum, and there is guaranteed global availability.

  • Luxury with safety and sustainability

Finally, the luxurious DA50 Series in India brought to you by Kasstech Aerospace, the sole distributor and supplier of Diamond Aircraft in India, promises opulence with safety and sustainability. Diamond has an industry-leading safety record that can be credited to a series of active and passive safety and security features that their models have been strategically equipped with. Active features, which are the first and the most important line of defense, help in avoiding accidents in the first place in case of an emergency. Passive features are more planned and calculated with the intention to minimize the probability and degree of injury, in case of unprecedented incidents and mishaps.

The single-engine piston airplane DA50 offers its pilots with ultimate handling, control, and stability, to ease overall operation and elevate the flying experience, along with advanced aerodynamics and relevant and latest safety technology for exceptionally high performance, superior passenger protection, and unmatched efficiency.

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