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Kasstech Aerospace: DA62 series

The twin-engine DA62 series in India has been labeled as the ‘Ultimate Flying Machine’ by its manufacturer, Diamond Aircraft, and for all the right reasons. The DA62 twin-engine light aircraft is designed to serve different purposes such as for individual use, corporate operations, and air taxi services. 


Designed for better functionality 

The twin-engine DA62 series in India brought to you exclusively by Kasstech Aerospace has been designed to move a greater value of passengers and goods across bigger and farther distances. It is the fastest when compared to other models in its class, and provides exclusive functionality features that add to its overall performance. These features include twin-engine security, unparalleled and exceptional fuel efficiency, luxury, and space. Hence, the twin-engine DA62 series has been designed and crafted to serve the interests of pilots as well as passengers optimally. 


Luxury meets advanced technology

The twin-engine DA62 series in India combines luxury and comfort with advanced and sophisticated aviation technology to bring a capable aircraft that can serve a variety of purposes, be it personal or commercial use. The comfortable and spacious cabin can accommodate up to 7 passengers, and the ergonomic seating includes fabric inlays, armrests, and backrests for a luxurious traveling experience. Moreover, the lighting system is supplemented by reading lights, a map light, and an overhead cabin ambient light to add to the convenience of the pilots as well as the passengers. 


Designed for optimum satisfaction

The twin-engine DA62 series in India caters to the interests of pilots and passengers alike- with features such as extra-large cabin space, adjustable and huge front seats, an optional folding two-seat third-row bench, and a 60/40 split-folding three-seat second-row bench, it has been designed to please and comfort. It also comes with optional electric air conditioning, LED interior lighting, and other modifications to suit the varying interests of the niche clientele, who can also choose from a range of excellent exterior colors such as carbon, gold, ruby red, glossy white, sapphire blue, and allows for further customizations when it comes to materials and colors. 


Guaranteed safety 

Diamond Aircraft has one of the most impeccable safety records in the aviation industry, and the twin-engine DA62 series in India has been designed and tested to guarantee safety through efficient design. Apart from performing full-scale crash tests of the fuselage structure, the twin-engine DA62 series in India also comes with an efficient TKS ice protection system that helps the aircraft to withstand flight into severe icing conditions. The twin-engine DA62 series in India brought to you by Kasstech Aerospace also comes with a host of other active and passive safety features to add to this commitment of security and safety for the passengers. 


First-class cabin and advanced aerodynamics

Finally, the twin-engine Da62 series in India also comes with a sleek and composite airframe that combines and is a unique amalgamation of advanced aerodynamics and the latest passive safety technology and features for better and improved performance, superior occupant protection, and great efficiency. With comfortable and easy access for everyone onboard assured through two forward gull-wing doors and the huge rear door that provides access to all rear seats, the twin-engine DA62 series in India is truly a class apart and the ultimate flying machine. 

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