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DA40 Series

DA40 Series

The DA40 series: agile and versatile

The  DA40 series available in India by Diamond Aircraft, brought to pilots and aviation enthusiasts exclusively by Kasstech Aerospace is refreshingly agile and extremely versatile when it comes to overall utility and usage. Be it a simple yet efficient model for beginners and their training for the aviation sector, or superior quality airplanes to match the experience of experts in the sky, the  DA40 ultra-low fuel burn aircraft series in India is undoubtedly what comes to mind, thanks to its amazing features and practicality that make flying a comfortable and luxurious venture every time. 


The DA40 series price in India is also justified, considering the plethora of exclusive features and superior craftsmanship that goes into making this aircraft series the epitome of comfort and utility, for both seasoned pilots who are looking for airplane models to match their skills and trainees who want to conquer the skies while keeping safety and security in mind. The  DA40 series available in India has unique European roots, with modern ergonomic features, a stellar safety record, and improved efficiency. 


Luxurious and comfortable design


Design is undoubtedly one of the first and the most important considerations not just for the aesthetics that come with the aircraft of choice, but also because it heavily influences overall comfort and convenience, both for pilots and passengers. The DA40 series available in India has been furnished with a standard choice of high-quality, stylish, and durable materials to ensure that pilots and passengers get the best value for their buck when they opt for an aircraft from this series. The luxurious and comfortable design can also be attributed largely to a series of premium features that come with the surprisingly affordable DA40 series price in India, which include but are not limited to:

  • Premium leather interiors for optimum luxury: Available in a variety of sleek designs and interesting colors for optimum luxury and style

  • Lumbar support: Better and improved lumbar support for a less tiring and exhausting flying experience, ideally for longer flights

  • Super adjustable pilot seatbacks: To ensure maximum comfort for those who rule the skies

  • Rudder pedals: Rudder pedals that are electrically adjustable for added convenience

  • Air conditioning: For a premium and extremely comfortable experience


For interested pilots and trainees who want to find out more about the DA40 series price in India, Kasstech Aerospace Pvt Ltd. can help with subsequent queries, and help with the purchase and procurement of the DA40 series in India. 

Impressive and superior propulsion and avionics

The DA40 series available in India has been equipped and constricted with some of the most premium and avant-garde engine and glass cockpit alternatives that pilots and aviation enthusiasts can choose from. The impressive and superior propulsion and avionics are undoubtedly the highlights of the series, and pilots can conveniently choose from a series of models that have varying capacities to ensure an elevated and quality flying experience. The impressive and extremely efficient 160 turbocharged AE300 jet fuel engine is a part of the DA40 ultra-low fuel burn aircraft series in India.


When it comes to propulsion, the 3 blades MT hydraulic constant speed propeller has an exclusive advanced blade geometry factored in for the best performance, and to help minimize overall vibration and noise. This speed propeller is automatically controlled by the aviator’s digital engine control system, facilitated by a conventional hydraulic governor.


Designed for optimum safety

Safety is key and undoubtedly one of the most important parameters upon which any aircraft is judged, and the DA40 series available in India excels in this field. With guaranteed and unmatched safety standards that are of paramount importance for pilots and passengers alike, the DA40 ultra-low fuel burn aircraft series in India has been designed and crafted for a smooth and secure flight experience, both for seasoned pilots and trainees. The DA40 series available in India comes with an unparalleled and impeccable safety record and has a plethora of active and passive safety features that work together to guarantee secure flights. Active features, which are crucial to help avoid accidents and guarantee the overall safety of the passengers, often act as the first line of defense and are crucial to ensure essential protection especially when it comes to aviation. The passive safety features in the DA40 ultra-low fuel burn aircraft series in India have been developed to minimize and reduce the overall probability and degree of injury when it comes to unprecedented events and emergencies. Hence, the DA40 price in India is attributed to its exclusive safety features which provide optimum handling, safety, and control and enable ease of operations


Key highlights of the DA40 series available in India

The DA40 ultra-low fuel burn aircraft series in India has some of the most phenomenal and impressive features for a four-seater aircraft in the aviation industry, and some key highlights have been listed below: 

  • Premium flying experience: designed for pilot’s satisfaction

  • All-round practical and multi-use models: ideal for beginners as well as trained and experienced pilots

  • Sleek all-composite airframe

  • Ultra-low fuel burn: for improved fuel economy and efficiency

  • Advanced blade geometry: a part of the 3-blade MT hydraulic constant speed propeller for efficient and impressive performance, while also reducing vibration and noise

Kasstech Aerospace: the leading distributor for the DA40 ultra-low fuel burn aircraft series in India

Kasstech Aerospace is the sole and leading distributor of the DA40 ultra-low fuel burn aircraft series in India to provide pilots and aviation enthusiasts who have varying uses and experience with premium airplanes to meet their needs adequately. With the improved utility and reliability of the DA40 series available in India, Kasstech Aerospace elevates the aviation experience for enthusiasts by providing consistent and quality maintenance and engineering support, along with consultancy services. Being a pioneer and industry leader when it comes to aviation, Kasstech Aerospace provides leading-edge solutions in aerospace with consistent and timely technical support for a remarkable and unforgettable experience.

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