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DA20 Series

DA20 Series

The DA20 series two-seater aircraft in India brings pilots and aviation enthusiasts with two intriguing and state-of-the-art aircraft models to conquer the skies like never before. Crafted and manufactured by Diamond Aircraft, an industry leader when it comes to providing avant-garde and innovative airplanes globally, it is the epitome of speed and style, with promising and exciting features to elevate the overall flying and aviation experience for any occasion. 


Be it personal use or effective commercial training, the DA20 series two-seater aircraft in India is a class apart with a sporty finish at a surprisingly affordable price. The Da20i Katana and the DA20 C1 are a part of the impressive series launched by Diamond Aircrafts, and there is certainly more than what meets the eye.


The DA20 C1 aircraft features a 125-horsepower Continental IO-240-B, sleekly placed under the cowling that drives the fixed pitch propeller while the two-place Katana trainer has undergone some significant improvements to enhance overall performance. It is no secret that the DA20 series two-seater aircraft in India offers impressive durability, outstanding performance, and a great economy for commercial training. 

Elegant and sportive design

The DA20 series two-seater aircraft in India features an elegant and sportive design that subtly incorporates modern technology and superior features to give a sleek yet efficient aircraft for experienced as well as untrained pilots and aviation enthusiasts. The safe and sporty cockpit stands out in terms of comfort and intuitiveness, thanks to ergonomically designed seats. T


These plush and congenial seats are highly functional and are available in leather or sheepskin, taking into account the different preferences of pilots and trainees. The modish cockpit of the DA20 series two-seater aircraft in India is also furnished and equipped with 4-point inertia-reel safety harnesses to ensure maximum security, along with a professional instrument panel with high-quality equipment and materials to add to the overall appeal and aesthetics of the series. 


The Da20i Katana in particular has been equipped with a host of modifications in terms of design, with the rearrangement of the all-metal instrument panel to provide more legroom. To optimize the overall design of the Da20i Katana cockpit, the electrical switches have been repositioned to minimize and reduce hand-switching from critical items like the master switch and the fuel pump. 


The DA20 C1 has also undergone significant design improvements with a revised tail section and a stronger spring pack that paves way for longitudinal trim, while the electric servo powering this setup has been shifted for better accessibility. With the elevator area and horizontal stabilizer up by 10%, the overall incidence of the stabilizer has been increased slightly for optimized performance. Moreover, the DA20 C1 model has revised seating arrangements too, to ensure that they are more comfortable and convenient for longer flights.

Avionics and propulsion features

When it comes to avionics and propulsion features, the DA20 series two-seater aircraft in India has some of the best ones to offer to novice pilots as well as experienced aviation enthusiasts. The DA20's instrumentation and standard Garmin G500 avionics have been designed to optimize and enhance overall safety while promoting a positive learning transfer, coupled with greater reliability and value.


 Available in two engine variants, namely the Da20i Katana (Bombardier Rotax 912 iS3c Sport with 100 HP) and the DA20 C1 (fuel injected 125 hp Continental Motors IO-240), the propulsion and avionics are superior and improved when compared to previous models to pave way for a premium flying experience. 


The avionics, in particular, include a blind altitude encoder, an AlliedSignal Bendix/King KX 125 nav/com, PS Engineering PM501 intercom, KT 76A transponder, and a KLX 35A GPS with moving map. The DA20 series two-seater aircraft in India also features dual brakes, full instruments with directional gyro and pneumatic attitude, and a variety of other attractive and performance-enhancing features that make this series remarkably complete and competent. 

Key highlights and certifications

The DA20 series two-seater aircraft in India has some of the most phenomenal and impressive features for a two-seater aircraft in the aviation industry, and some key highlights and certifications have been listed below: 

  • Night VFR with EASA certification

 The DA20 series two-seater aircraft in India has been certified for Night VFR, or the Night Visual Flying Rules by EASA to ensure that pilots who want to or already have a Night VFR license can make the most of their training and experience with this series. The DA20 series two-seater aircraft in India is the ideal trainer from the first flight through effective systems in place for Night VFR. 


  • Improved performance and acceleration

The DA20 series two-seater aircraft in India features improved performance and acceleration for an enhanced and smooth flying experience to help aviation enthusiasts make the most of their flights and to impart better training to learning pilots. When it comes to acceleration, the C1’s extra power is immediately evident as it accelerates to 55 knots briskly and seamlessly. Diamond is also making consistent and constant efforts to improve overall performance by employing effective nose wheel friction settings to minimize brake use during taxi. 

  • Enhanced cruise performance

The DA20 series two-seater aircraft in India also has a noteworthy cruise performance enabling it to operate in high altitudes and attain impressive and blistering speeds with ease for an exhilarating and phenomenal flying experience. 

Kasstech Aerospace: the sole distributor for the DA20 series two-seater aircraft in India

Kasstech Aerospace is the sole  distributor of the DA20 series two-seater aircraft in India to provide pilots and aviation enthusiasts with varying expertise and experience with premium airplanes to meet their needs adequately. With the improved utility and reliability of the DA20 series two-seater aircraft in India, Kasstech Aerospace enhances the aviation experience for enthusiasts by providing consistent and quality maintenance and engineering support, along with consultancy services. Being a pioneer and industry leader when it comes to aviation, Kasstech Aerospace provides leading-edge solutions in aerospace with seamless technical support for a remarkable and unforgettable experience. 

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